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    Control over PA integration

    Samantha Amend
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      Posting on behalf of my customer Alan Finlayson


      "There seems to be limited control over the PA integration into BPPM/Truesight, previously I remember there were a number of agent variables that could be used to control how the agent was presented into BPPM. Example, useFQDNhostName.


      The issue we have is that our Windows servers are built with the server name defined in upper case, our linux servers are built with server name defined in lower case. When a BPPM component registers into BPPM I think it does this using the DNS entry, (which is in lower case), when the PA registers with the integration service, I think it does this using the defined server name which is in upper case for windows servers.


      The result is that we have both upper and lower case defined servers in BPPM/Truesight with some servers, (integration servers with patrol agents), having an upper and lower case entry.


      I know the best option is to build the server name in the same case as the DNS entry but I'm not going to be able to influence that so need to know if we can control the case on the PA to integration service registration?

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          Michael Ashall

          You can use:


          /AgentSetup/integration/publishHostName variable is set as the FQDN of the host you wish connect


          For versions 9.0.00 or later, BMC PATROL Agent behavior can also be changed to publish FQDN by using: /AgentSetup/integration/useFQDNHostName variable and set its value to yes.


          Note: publishHostName takes precedence over FQDNHostName


          Originally BMC ProactiveNet Server was case sensitive but this was fixed in a SP from BPPM9.0 onwards from recollection. This ensured you did not get duplicate device - we reconciled to one name irrespective of the case.