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    New authorizations for execution tasks....

    Vernon Whicker

      We have recently upgraded to BL One of the new features is the ability to not only override job properties but nsh script job parameters. I am seeing two separate issues:


      For existing execution tasks that the properties override is checked off I receive the below error.

          - I can bypass this error by removing the override properties option


      When I try to create new execution tasks that leverage override parameters I see the bellow error.


      In the GUI AS RBAC ADMINS I do not see the specific "ExecutionTaskOveride Authorization.

           - Even if I add the ExecutionTask.* authorization to the role and the object I recieve the same error.

           - I would not want to add the .* authorization to all roles/objects


      So the question is what specific authorization is this error referring too????




      Jason Lamarre

      Patrick Santistevan

      Jonathan Hartl