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    Batch Job,  Properties and parallel execution

    Chad Johnson

      We are using BSA Version 


      I have the following configuration:



      • blpackage 1
      • blpackage 2
      • blpackage 3


      • blpackage 1 deploy job
      • blpackage 2 deploy job
      • blpackage 3 deploy job
      • BLPackage 1-3 Batch job containing:
        • blpackage 1 deploy job
        • blpackage 2 deploy job
        • blpackage 3 deploy job


      The execution model is one where the operator opens "BLPackage 1-3 Batch job", selects each component job and sets properites for this execution.  They then save the job and run it.


      Originally this was a single threaded design and parallelism was not a design constraint. Now the need for parallelism has crept in.  This introduces problems.  If User1 were to perform the above steps and execute his job, then minutes later User2 did the same, User1's job would be affected for any batch components not yet executed.


      As the properties are blpackage properties they are not set by job properties.  As such, even an execution task, with job property override, will not fix the situation.


      We are now presented with 2 possibilities. 


      1. We create independent copies of all "blpackage X deploy jobs".  Either 1 per user or 1 per configuration.  This will work but is difficult to track and manager
      2. We re-engineer the entire process.  While not opposed, we are on a tight timeline and this may not be a viable solution in the short time we have available. 
        1. Also, I would love suggestions on how this can best be accomplished as there are many ways to skin this particular cat.


      Thanks for any suggestions on how to address the current problem as well as alternate solutions.