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    Upgrading to 8.6 without a wizard

      Hello, we are upgrading from 8.5.1 to 8.6, the appservers are redhat 6


      Based on the docs it doesnt seem possible to do the upgrade w/o running a graphical wizard "configurator utility"


      previous versions upgraded w/o having the need to run Xterm, $DISPLAY, etc, the DB upgrade was done through a script. The appserver upgrade thru a .sh installer. I want to confirm, is running the graphical wizard the only way we can upgrade the linux server?


      Seems odd that a linux application needs a gui to make it work.

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          The reason Im asking is because the docs state this,



          2Persist configuration data to the database and

          If upgrading from a version earlier than 8.6: Run the configurator utility to perform the following tasks:

          • Migrate the database. You are no longer required to manually migrate the database as the configurator performs this task for you.
          • Populate the database schema with configuration data that is necessary for the proper function of BMC Server Automation after the upgrade.

          The configurator must be run on on each and every Application Server and PXE server, before proceeding with the upgrade procedure.


          We have Xwindow libs installed on only 1 of the 13 appservers, specifically to do things like this from 1 appserver server. Now the requirements changed so that we need to run this wizard on every single appserver box. This is very bad design, we need to install additional RPMs on these appserver boxes. Also it doesnt make sense since the configurator (wizard) updates the DB schema. Why is it necessary to run it on every single appserver then? This makes no sense.




          Also running unified prod installer isnt an option since appservers are RHEL and DB is MSSQL

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            Bill Robinson

            ./setup.bin -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=/tmp/configurator_options.txt


            -J STATELESS_ONLY=true


            should do it.

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              thansk Bill that works