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    Work Item Threads and Light Weight Work Item Threads show all available even though multiple jobs are running?

    Yanick Girouard

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      I'm seeing something weird when looking in the Infrastructure Management panel. When I click the name of the app servers, they all show all Work Item Threads as available, even though there's 6 jobs running. When drilling down to the JobManagerService, I can see the multiple jobs listed under "Currently Running Jobs", but then when I scroll down to check the Work Item Threads and Light Weight Work Item Threads sections, they all show empty threads. Refreshing doesn't change anything.


      The application servers were all restarted yesterday evening, and the issue was there before that as well. (We thought the restart would fix it).


      The jobs that are running are all Batch jobs containing multiple Windows Patching Jobs with auto-remediation, so it's a mix of batch, patching job, and deploy jobs.


      Something is messed up somewhere, I don't think this is normal. Is this a known issue?