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    Run Nexec as a Bladelogic user

      Question about nexec


      We are running remote execution scripts from a console Linux server to any of the managed servers. The NSH script forces a user to authneticate via Blcred and if auth is successful, it proceeds to run


      nexec ServerName "command"


      the issue Im having is that nexec passes the OS user name, not the Bladelogic login name to the target server.


      for example, im running this cmd as 'bsaadmin' OS user account


      [bsaadmin@nycplvasjx004 scripts]$ nexec ulvzndat21 "uname -a"

      nexec: Error accessing host ulvzndat21: No authorization to access host


      Nexec is attempting to map 'bsaadmin' to root


      from targets Rscd log,


      (Not_available): FIPS already enabled

      16f31c48b36e6ef75eff 0000007985 07/27/15 16:53:29.341 WARN    rscd - 892 0/0 (bsaadmin): nexec: Failed to map user to local user

      the target attempts to map 'bsaadmin' to root and cant find any mappings for 'bsaadmin' in secure files.

      Is it possible to run 'nexec' as an authenticated Blade user ?


      We dont have NSH proxy setup, but lets say tthat we do set it up, wont Nexec still attempt to map as the OS user even after I authenticate via App Server?

      This is an issue because we will have many users running nexec from many terminals w different OS unames, but all will have to login using blcred to get access to any managed host.