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    mainview explorer cpu overhead


      How much cpu overhead am I generating???


      I have a container with 10 views. They all update every 15, 30 or 60 seconds and record to my hardrive. I also usually have another 10 views open and I refresh those all day long as well.

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          This is really an "it depends" situation.   What views are you executing and how many lines of data are you returning to the views?   In addition there is a view DIAGUTAS that can show you how much CPU you are using.   Go to PLEXMGR and issue the DIAGUTAS view and look for your userid.   Scroll right to see the CPU used.


          The other question is what are you using the data that you are recording for?    It must be of value and you need to determine how much CPU usage it is worth.




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            Sieghart Seith

            Interesting: DIAGUTAS is new for me (not shown in VIEWS with filter "DIAG*"?).

            Questions comes up:

            values in field CPUT of DIAGUTAS are in  "# seconds"?

            and what means field RCPU?

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              Thanks for the tip on DIAGUTAS. Great view of what is going on. I really had too many views all auto-updating too often, many at 15 seconds even tho I only looked at them a few times a day if that. Now I set the refresh interval in minutes and only on screens that I have up all the time. Today that's 1. And one I have set to the time of the recording interval which is 15 minutes.


              I would suggest that BMC implement a little pop-up when the refresh interval button is clicked with a brief warning and disclaimer that setting a short refresh interval can cause mucho overhead. And sometimes people need the common sense reminder that it makes no sense to refresh a view that only sits in the background all day.

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                The DIAGUTAS like many other diagnostic views are primarily meant for support to assist customers.     It can however help customers understand what is running in a particular MainView product address space(PAS).   The second are tenthousandths of a second (.0001) so when you see 10,000 in the CPUT this is 1 CPU second and the RCPU field is for the last time the user hit enter.   So how much that single action took to execute.  

                You provided me a chance to determine that using MV for z/OS I could track the CPU in the JTCB view.   The CPU showed up in the product address space of the VIEW you were executing.   To if it was a CICS VIEW it was in the CICS PAS if it was a z/OS VIEW is the CPU amount showed up in the MV for z/OS PAS.

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                  You are welcome, Ken.  


                  Ken we do provide overrides for the minimum refresh rate, so at a site level someone could mandate that no one could set a refresh rate under 1 minute.   This is done using the Administrator’s Site Profile Z$MVE for MainView Explorer. 


                  I understand your request for a pop-up, but other users might not like having to dismiss a pop-up every time they clicked the refresh button.     Normally, if CPU use in MainView starts to spike the default auto refresh settings are the first thing a MainView Administrator can set.


                  Glad you are doing some self tuning and I was able to assist.

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                    I'm not suggesting a popup every time a user clicks the refresh icon. But rather when the user goes to set the refresh interval for auto-refresh. Maybe the popup window for properties in the "Refresh" tab there could be a short statement warning about cpu overhead. Like:

                    "Caution: setting numerous and brief auto-refresh intervals (<1 Min) can lead to unwanted CPU overhead."




                    "Are you really gonna look at this screen every 15 seconds, come on."


                    There are mainview explorer viewer considerations to take into account as well if you are populating a common file system.