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    Get text list of failed/successful targets for a specific job run id using blcli?

    Yanick Girouard
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      I need a way to extract the list of successful targets of a type 1 NSH script job so that I can call another job against them and only them within the same NSH job launcher script.


      I am working on a wrapper job that will import a set of targets into the console from dumped CSV files, then call a batch job to install the agent (using agent installer job) against each, run an USP job and Push ACL job against each.


      Another job would launch a Type 1 NSH script job against all successful targets of the previous batch run (all targets that were successfully imported and enrolled all the way), to execute a batch job that will deploy the appropriate software on each server based on a custom server property set during the import of the server.


      I thought I saw a post from Bill Robinson once that showed something along those lines, but I can't find it and would need a complete solution (or at least enough info so that I can write my own). Would anyone have that? I already have the Job Run ID.