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    BSA - Windows CUJ always redownloading same 374 obsolete bulletins

    Yanick Girouard

      I'm not sure if this is a Shavlik issue or not, but everytime we update our Windows Patch Catalog, and then run Remove Irrelevant Patches, we can see it downloaded (added) and removed the same 374 bulletins and a few patches.


      The catalog contains the following products:


      .Net Framework


      Internet Explorer

      MDAC Components


      Microsoft Silverlight

      Microsoft Windows Media Services

      Microsoft Windows Server 2003

      Microsoft Windows Server 2008

      Microsoft Windows Server 2012

      Outlook Express

      Visual Studio


      It is set to Download From Vendor, and we're currently using the 1.5 version of the product_catalog (we have a change planned to update to 1.7).


      Most of the bulletins that were marked obsolete and then redownlaoded again after are old bulletins from 2000...


      What could be causing this and why?