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    Unified agent installer using Advanced Repeaters

    Steve Cupp

      Our team is looking for some input from the community regarding the performance of the Unified agent installer, 8.5 Patch 5 version, when deploying through an Advanced Repeater.


      Our use of the Unified agent installer to targets that do not use a advanced repeater has been very successful, completing our main Data Center agent update, (4000+ targets) in a matter of days.


      When deploying to targets that use an advanced repeater, we are seeing what amounts to Advanced Repeater Server service crashes on our Advanced File server. Which in turn disrupts any currently running jobs that are using a advanced repeater. Our environment is highly dependent on advanced repeaters, roughly 50% of our targets use them.


      If anyone in the community has seen similar problems or has had good success with this, we would appreciate the input.