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    Agentinfo issues

      I am trying to upgrade my app server to 8.6 SP1 in my test environment .

      before the Upgrade I can see agent and appserver running ok and i can launch the console.


      When i try checking the agentinfo, i get the below error.

      xxxx% agentinfo xxxx

      Can't access host "xxxx": No authorization to access host



      63be86822efaf0a6725c 0000000010 07/21/15 16:17:25.987 WARN     rscd - 3836 SYSTEM (-adm-sridm0-rst): agentinfo: Failed to map user to local user


      users.local :

      BLAdmins:* rw, map=BladelogicRSCD

      RBACAdmins:RBACAdmin rw, map=BladelogicRSCD

      System:System rw, map=BladelogicRSCD

      Administrator rw,map=Administrator



      xxxx rw, user=BladeLogicRSCD

      xxxx rw, user=BladeLogicRSCD


      have checked the polices, nothing has changes recently.


      Any help would be much appreciated