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    Changing the number of Processors / amount of RAM in VGJ with NSH

      Hi there!


      I want to change the number of processors and the amount of RAM that is configured in an existing VirtualGuestJob.


      I have a VGJ called "VGJ1". The job is configured to deploy a new VMware VM with 2 processors and 2GB of RAM.


      Now I want to change that to 4 processors and 4 GB of RAM.


      How do I do this with NSH?


      Virtualization setGuestCustomizationConfiguration - can only be used to configure the OS.

      Virtualization createVirtualGuest - creates a new VGJ, which is not what I want.

      Job setPropertyValue - needs the property to be editable. The corresponding properties VGP_MEMORY_IN_MB and VGP_NO_OF_PROCESSORS are not editable.

      I couldn't find any other commands that seemed useful.

      Is this possible at all?