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    BladeLogic Service Uptime

    Joe Piotrowski

      I have a customer who has a request from upper management about a report on BladeLogic service uptime on a weekly or monthly basis. I assume basically something like this, or similar:


      Servername - Range - %Uptime

      Appserver01 - 7/5/2105-7/11/2105 - 99.87%

      Appserver02 - 7/5/2105-7/11/2105 - 100.00%

      Appserver03 - 7/5/2105-7/11/2105 - 97.52%


      They are interested in the BDSSA service uptime as well. If Range is difficult by a date range, maybe last 7 days, or last 30 days, etc.


      Has anyone ever done anything like this? I don't think BSA/BDSSA or the Dashboard captures information this, but I might be wrong. If so, maybe a script that could be run to capture server and service up/down time, that could be tied to a custom server property that could be reported against? Any ideas are welcome.

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          Bill Robinson

          What does ‘uptime’ mean ?  the service was running?  users could connect w/ the gui ?  what the admin defines as ‘up’ may be different than the end user defines as ‘up’…


          The appserver details or appserver status report (from a blcli_execute Profiler getCompleteStatusReport or AppServerLauncher getAppServerStatus) should show when the instance was started.  that means the service/process has been running since then.


          Not sure about bdssa.

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            Joe Piotrowski

            This is request from upper management. My assumption is similar to a website uptime where they can say, last month, our website had a 99.92% uptime. For simplicity sake, I would say it would be the appserver services over a period of time. Whether that was a console, appserver or NSH service, the way of determining that should be the same. Same with the BDSSA services.

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              Bill Robinson

              Why not use a monitoring tool/agent to do this… that’s generally the kind of tool that would show this data.  your customer uses Tivoli for monitoring still right?  i’m surprised they don’t already have this view setup ☺

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                It has been sometime since I have seen BSA console, but I think Start Time for all appservers is available from Infrastructure Management from BSA console.