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    VM not getting added to domain even if i use "Customize OS" option

    Rajkumar Rajpurohit


      I am provisioning a windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) server from a template using VGJ. I have selected the "Customize OS" option in "VM Config Type Settings" tab of VGJ:



      Entered all the required details under "VM Basic Config" tab:



      The VM gets provisioned successfully with all settings as per VJG, except for adding the server to domain. Is there any thing that I might be missing?


      The user credentials that i used under "VM Basic Config" is an admin account with privileges to add servers to domain. I did not see any error in the 'blcoserver' logs.


      Note: VMWare Tools are installed on the template.


      Please let me know how this issue can be resolved.