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    CTM for z upgrade and EM database

    Paul Robins
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      Just wondering if anyone has done a successful upgrade of IOA before where CTMz schedules are managed in EM?


      When CTM on z is upgraded, the datacentre needs to be 'promoted\migrated' in EM to the new format.

      The problem seems to be that when IOAGATE is started, CTMAS and CTMCAS are started and EM (CCM) automatically recognises that the version is now v8. As soon as this happens I don't seem to be able to promote or migrate_dc the EM database which means all of the folders are now out of synch and have to be re-synched manually.


      I am speaking with BMC Support about this process (and why migrate_dc does not log any errors), but was just wondering if anyone else has been through it before?


      Pls note that we have to start IOAGATE to TVT Control-D Web Access Server and Control-D Agent so leaving IOAGATE down is not an option.


      At this stage the only thing I can think of is to 'nobble' IOAGATE so that CTMAS and CTMCAS are not started after the upgrade until I can migrate the datacentre.