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    NSH binary misbehaves after being supposedly updated

    Fernando Castro Guti�rrez de Quevedo

      Hi, recently our NSH console has been upgraded to version 8.5 in a Production server which hosts a web application that relies on NSH, and (supposedly) tested and validated afterwards.


      Now we have a problem whenever we run it from the command line (Directly through SSH or through said web app, doesn't matter), where the following error is displayed:


      jboss@hostname:/portal/bmc/bladelogic/NSH/br$ nsh
      SSO Error: Client version (8, 3) and Server version (8, 5) are not compatible
      Error in Initializing RBAC User and Role (SSO Proxy)
      Network Shell can be used for local access


      This is being run as user 'jboss'. However running nsh as root the same output is received.


      Supposedly blcred is working fine as users can log in to the web app, but they cannot perform actions (Which are run as NSH commands)