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    Patch Analysis failing - Cannot copy analysis results file - failed: : No such file or directory

      Hi Community,


      I'm currently focusing on a issue which I can't resolve with all the idea's, discussions or kb articles here.

      Already tried to reinstall the BL Agent on the target which also didn't fix the issue.


      So hopefully you have new idea's.



      Here is what the Analysis Job is reporting as the issue:



      Cannot create analysis results for server: TARGET, Error: Cannot copy analysis results file from '//TARGET/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/RSCD//tmp/WindowsCatalog_2921099_716_TARGET/shavlik_results.xml' to 'D:/Apps/BladeLogic/NSH/tmp/APPSERVER_job_2/shavlik_results_0ab49807-c4fb-4115-aa4f-8059a56ac46f.xml' (Caused By: JNI file copy from '//TARGET/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/RSCD//tmp/WindowsCatalog_2921099_716_TARGET/shavlik_results.xml' to '/D/Apps/BladeLogic/NSH/tmp/APPSERVER/shavlik_results_0ab49807-c4fb-4115-aa4f-8059a56ac46f.xml' failed: : No such file or directory)


      What I found here and already tried is the following:






      No Errors in RSCD.log


      2. https://kb.bmc.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=KA360425


      Shavlik Reg Folder is NOT created after deleting and rerunning a patch analysis


      Only the Trace.txt on the AppServer running Analysis in debug mode is finishing with the following error lines:






      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0296090Z 26b8 V PatchTest.cpp:361 Done Scanning for patches for product [Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Runtime (x64)] (4087-2327).

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0452099Z 26b8 V MultiMachineScanner.cpp:1094 Generating output for = TARGET

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0452099Z 26b8 V MultiMachineScanner.cpp:1095 Scanned Server Count = 1, MAX count = 1

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0608108Z 26b8 E XML4Output.cpp:317 Invalid pointer

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0608108Z 26b8 V MultiMachineScanner.cpp:1123 Error in MultiMachineScanner::EntityComplete: class STCore::CInvalidOperationException at XmlDomManagement.cpp:296: XML document must have a top level element.

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0608108Z 22bc V MultiMachineScanner.cpp:903 Unknown error in setting run complete event, ignoring and exiting run thread

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0608108Z 1cf0 V WorkItemQueue.cpp:369      ******     WorkItemQueue::StopAllActiveThreads()     ******

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0608108Z 1cf0 I BaseThread.cpp:82 BaseThread::StopThread

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0608108Z 1cf0 I BaseThread.cpp:97 Closing thread

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0608108Z 0698 I BaseThread.cpp:82 BaseThread::StopThread

      2015-07-11T06:39:02.0608108Z 0698 I BaseThread.cpp:97 Closing thread


      BL AppServer Version:


      BL Agent Version:


      Hope you have any ideas on resolving the issue on this target.