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    BSA Product download



      We are trying to download BSA setup from EPD side but we can see there are three link are available for BSA setup such as compliance module, configuration module and provisioning module.


      Anyone knows difference between all this module and which link we need to select to download BSA setup. Also, I need to understand which functionalities will it cover under individual module (for e.g configuration module).




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          Jim Wilson

          AFAIK, the difference is in the license entitlement - please talk to your BMC Sales rep about what your company has purchased and is entitled to


          AFAIK, the actual product installer files are the same

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            Thanks for the information.


            but what are the functionalities covered under each module. For e.g compliance module cover only compliance module not patching? provisioning module cover only provisioning module not compliance/patching etc.



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              Bill Robinson

              If you are seeing those modules in the EPD then you should be licensed to use any of them.


              There is no technical difference between the installers in each section.  if you download from ‘compliance’ you can use the bsa env you install from there to do patching and snapshots and whatever else.