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    Multi-Tenancy Configuration in MyIT 2.5

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      Hi Guys,

      Does anybody know if MyIT 2.5 is multi-tenant? The BMC documentation is silent about this and the information I gathered so far points to one conclusion...i.e. MyIT is not multi-tenant. If that is the case, even though you have multiple companies using the same ITSM instance, you will still need to have one MyIT server per client. Can someone who is familiar with the subject confirm this? If it is a requirement for each company to have its own MyIT server, do they need to be in one cluster (sharing the same MyIT database) or is it possible to install them in their own clusters?

      The other issue/question I have is, when I installed MyIT on a single server, I confirmed that people from different companies can see each others' post. We don't want this to happen and my question is should we go for one MyIT per customer will this problem be solved without doing any additional configuration on MyIT? Where is this data actually stored? If it is stored in MongoDB what does the other MyIT DB contains then?