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    Lower Level Role for Patching

    Curtis Martin

      I am creating a lower level role for server operators so they can execute patch analysis and patch remediation jobs.  I followed the specifications in the following articles.





      When I execute the patch analysis job as a "T2" user I receive the following error message:


      Error while running pre-analysis on server: ESHBGWMT101, Error: Cannot get agent install directory. Ensure that the agent is installed and licensed (using the agentinfo and autolic utilities), and update the server properties (execute the Update Server Properties Job, or right-click the server and select Verify) on ESHBGWMT101


      When I Verify the server object, I receive the following error message:


      No authorization to access host: servername


      I added the new role, "T2 Role", to the users.local file.  I also pushed ACLs.  User mapping is set to use the ADMIN_ACCOUNT property, which is populated correctly on the server object.  What am I missing?