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    /etc/rsc/secure: Permission Denied

    richard mcleod

      I have an client attempting to run a bl package job who maps to a non-root user on target02, the bl package job simply executes the id command and its failing with some crazy messages...


      We're running appserver, agent on target02 is


      Any idea whats going on here?


      Info06/30/2015 16:25:11Deploy Apply Job (Pre-Execute):test; Server:target02;  PkgID:"727ee038-4999-4574-a2dc-25e0f6150bc9-977206.7"; UUID:133c4536ed983d58951022e83761d2bf
      Info06/30/2015 16:25:11Started running the deploy step job 'test->test' on application server 'app04_job_2'(135) against target server 'target02'
      Warning06/30/2015 16:25:13 Error initializing node

      Error buffer: /etc/rsc/secure: Permission denied

      Info06/30/2015 16:25:20Package "test" UUID(133c4536ed983d58951022e83761d2bf) started
      Info06/30/2015 16:25:25Package "test" UUID(133c4536ed983d58951022e83761d2bf) initialized, entering wait queue for processing
      Info06/30/2015 16:25:25Package "test" UUID(133c4536ed983d58951022e83761d2bf) processing instructions
      Error06/30/2015 16:25:27Application terminated unexpectedly.  This could be due to a machine reboot that was unexpectedly slow.
      Info06/30/2015 16:25:29The bldeploy process terminated unexpectedly. See bldeploy transactions log to determine reason for failure. ( exitCode = -5005 )
      Info06/30/2015 16:25:32Deployment job not in single-job mode. Reboot and single-user mode is not allowed
      Warning06/30/2015 16:25:32WARNING: The effective user does not have Administrator privileges. It is highly recommended that this action be performed as a user with Administrator privileges on the remote machine. Results will vary when run as a user without these privileges.
      Warning06/30/2015 16:25:32See documentation for info about agent user privilege mapping.
      Error06/30/2015 16:25:32Couldn't create file '/opt/bmc/bladelogic/RSCD/Transactions/Database/package_tracking.db'. (Permission denied).
      Error06/30/2015 16:25:32APPLY failed for server target02. Exit code = -5005
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