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    Import and export of Virtual Guest Packages



      I'm new to BMC BladeLogic Server Automation (version 8.6) and right now I am trying to familiarise myself with deploying VMs through the GUI and Network Shell.


      I created two Virtual Guest Packages for VMware. The first to deploy a bare metal (New VM) VM and the second to clone from an existing VM (Clone VM).


      Both work if not as intended at least as expected (limitations with SCSI Controllers for example).


      To further automate our deployments, I now want to create new Guest Packages with NSH. I already exported the XML of the New VM and Clone VM package (blcli Virtualization getVirtualGuestPackage 58421  >> //host/path/CloneVM.xml).


      Now when I try to use the command blcli Virtualization createVirtualGuestPackage "//host/path/CloneVM.xml", I get the error "Command execution failed. com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.BlException: The VMWare template is not provided."


      Looking at the XML files it seems that for the Clone VM package not all information is exported, as the line "<VMOrTemplateId>2000100 VMWareTemplate vm-245</VMOrTemplateId>" (taken from the example here: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/pages/releaseview.action?pageId=289443713) is missing, although I of course had to choose a template when I created the Clone VM Package in the console. Additionally the <OSCustomizationInfo> part is missing in the exported XML, though that may be because I didn't configurate anything in the corresponding console windows as the template VM has an empty hard disk so there is no OS to customize. The packagetype information in the XML ist correct (<VirtualGuestPackageType>2</VirtualGuestPackageType> = Use a template or VM).


      Am I missing something or is this an export bug in the getVirtualGuestPackage command?


      Thanks for your help!