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    CIS SQL 2012 Compliance using SCAP Benchmark Option

    Chetan Gupta



      I am trying to do SQL 2012 Compliance using SCAP Benchmark option available in Bladelogic. Issue is -result shows either unknown or Informational


      This is what i did :-


      1) Import CIS SQL xccdf file in depot using SCAP benchmark option

      2) Ran SCAP compliance aagainest the server SQL 2012 installed on

      3) Job was successful but server view result shows Pass - 0 , Fail - 0 ,Error - 0

      4) When expanded Server View , i can see all the rules listed beneath but the result is either Unknown or Informational


      So the result i am getting does not seems correct as it should be compliant or non-compliant along with explanation..


      Am i missing anything in order to get the correct result?


      Any idea?