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    June 2015 TKU Releases are now available!

    Jean Louis Deshairs
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      We have just released the June 2015 TKU release which includes new important software products, new network definitions, and a new Storage Device.


      * The June 2015 TKU release increases the coverage of #BigData and #Devops themes with the support of new software products from Terrastore, Atlassian, Tibco, Datasax and Varnish vendors. This release also comes with many enhancements and several BUG fixes of existing patterns. Please visit the June 2015 TKU release page for more information.


      * The June May 2015 release includes 10 new Network Device definitions for Apcon, McAfee, Brocade, Dell, Netgear, F5, and Cisco vendors. Please visit the June 2015 Network Device Definitions page for details.


      * If you have a license for the  "BMC Atrium Discovery for StorageADDM module, this is to inform you that the TKU for Storage June 2015 release now includes the support of EMC Celerra storage Devices. This release also fixes a couple of issues in the Hitachi storage pattern.


      The above releases are available from their respective and usual locations on EPD (BMC Electronic Product Distribution site).