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    "Host not authorized" after upgrading Repeater Agent to 8.6.1

    Steffen Kreis



      we are running 8.6.1 since a while now in DEV, but only today we upgraded the RSCD Agents on our Windows based Repeater Servers to 8.6.1.


      After that has been done we are unable to Stage indirect to a target during a Deploy Job, as the Target Host does not grant access to the Repeater Host anymore, althought the exports in the Target has not been changed (and the Repeater IP is still listed)


      The RSCD Log entry on the Target is:

      06/24/15 13:51:55.645 WARNrscd -  [REPEATER_IP] 1508 SYSTEM (BLAdmins:MY_USER): CM: Host not authorized


      At the same time we get this in the rscd.log of the Repeater:


      [AppServer_IP] 06/24/15 14:42:58.178 4932 [AutomationPrincipal]:PasswordLogon (BLAdmins:[MY_User]): CM: Remote File Copy Failed to contact Target, retrying =1:-1


      (those two entries posted here, are not from the same run)


      This is clearly related to the 8.6.1 Upgrade.

      As we had one Repeater working fine and showing the exact same error directly after the Agent Upgrade.



      When we put a "* rw" into the exports of the Target everything works successfully, as soon as we put the IP of the repeater (also when using its hostname), it failes with the error in the RSCD.log above.


      Interestingly in the Deploy Job this is shown as an "Unknown Error"


      Staging failed while Copying the depotFile from Copying the depotFile from = //[REPEATER_HOST]/D/Apps/BladeLogic/REPEATER/depotfiles/42badc1d2f03a8b1e4875740d3d49336 to //[TARGET_HOST]/d/temp/stage/77a64bb5c0d33289966a0ad6cf767c62/42badc1d2f03a8b1e4875740d3d49336<Unknown Error>


      Oh this happens for targtes that are on an 8.6.1 as well as 8.3.x agent.


      Any ideas what is going on here ?