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    Red Hat Patching in BSA 8.5 SP1 - Should I try it, or stay away from it?

    Yanick Girouard

      I haven't used Red Hat patching in 8.5 yet, but have had quite a bad experience with it in 8.3. Simply put, the product was far from mature enough and posed several challenges that were so bad they would prevent us from using the tool efficiently (if not at all).


      One of the main issue was the fact that you had to user the offline downloader in order to update child channels, and that this offline downloader was taking so long to run compared to the online version that it could take a whole day (as in 24 hours and higher) to update a patch catalog. I know about what's coming in the next release, and I know that BSA 8.6 is supposed to be much better, but I'm currently consulting a customer that freshly upgraded to 8.5 SP1 and want to look into Red Hat patching with it.


      Knowing what I know about this feature, I'd be tempted to tell that customer to stay away from it until the product gets better and works more using native tools and less custom java code, which would make it a more suitable competitor to Red Hat Satellite for example.


      Before I do so however, I would like to know, in all honesty, if the product did get better regarding the points mentioned above in 8.5 SP1, and if so, what exactly was improved and what are the parts that still need major improvements?