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    Compliance results CSV export error

      Hi all, just noticed this, Im trying to export a compliance job result as a CSV using BLCLI, and this normally works for small filesizes (1-5 mb). It doesn work for larger filesizes (~30mb)


      We are now running compliance against 900+ servers at a time. When I run my NSH script to generate a csv, it creates my export CSV file but only writes the first 4 or 5 lines (about 200k in size), and then quits. If I try to export manually from the console, it generates a 30mb file. So the console export works, but blcli does not.


      THis is my export nsh script,




      TEMPLATE_PATH="/TSS Compliance/$1"


      JOB_PATH="/TSS Compliance/Compliance"




      blcli_execute Utility exportComplianceRunLatest  "${TEMPLATE_PATH}" "${TEMPLATE_NAME}" null "${JOB_PATH}"  "${JOB_NAME}" "${EXPORT_PATH}/${JOB_NAME}.csv" "CSV"





      Is there a filesize limit on the export file?


      we are running BSA 8.5.1 patch 4

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          Rajeev Gupta

          I dont think there is any limit on the same. Are you running this locally on the same server as BBSA app server? Check if there is no space issue on the server..

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            yea, running a NSH script job directly on one of the app servers, it exports a csv right into a /home location


            Its definitely related to filesize, I just exported a Solaris compliance job export using the same NSH script, its a 11mb file and had no issues.  I tried doing the same for Redhat (RHEL has more endpoints and is a larger output), and its only exporting the first 5-6 lines, below:


            [root@ulvblgp01 bsa_contents]# cat TSS_RHEL6_compliance.csv

            Configuration Manager Compliance Export


            Date:,Tue Jun 16 09:49:10 EDT 2015

            Job Name:,TSS_RHEL6_compliance Run at 06/15/2015 17:46:41


            [root@ulvblgp01 bsa_contents]#



            If I export the csv manually from the console, it takes a few min to export but it does complete the export, teh resulting csv file is 46mb in size. So at some point, the BLCLI Utility csv export cuts off due to file size. Maybe its a memory limit issue.

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              this is the output using BLCLI Utility export nsh script,


              [root@ulvblgp01 bsa_contents]# ls -lh | grep TSS

              -rw-r----- 1 root    root    1.2M Jun 12 15:22 TSS_ESXi_51_compliance.xml

              -rw-r----- 1 bladmin bladmin  233 Jun 16 10:09 TSS_RHEL5_compliance.csv

              -rw-r----- 1 bladmin bladmin  233 Jun 16 09:53 TSS_RHEL6_compliance.csv

              -rw-r----- 1 bladmin bladmin  11M Jun 16 09:47 TSS_SOLARIS10_compliance.csv

              [root@ulvblgp01 bsa_contents]#


              the Redhat scans get cut off at 233k (first 5-6 lines), the solaris scan is exported completely as a 11mb csv file.


              If I export the redhat scans from the Console manually, the export gets completed, the files are larger (46mb and 30mb), so Im guessing the Blcli Utility has some sort of a filesize limit or memory limit, my guess its anything above 15 or 20 mb.



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                Rajeev Gupta

                I have serious doubt on this limit in the blcli.

                We have been using the blcli Utility to export the results and the file output is more than 60MB sometimes. May be either the server has some limits or its running out of memory..

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                  Jim Wilson

                  Hi Mike, have you tried allocating more memory for the BLCLI?

                  For Example to provide 2GB, insert this before the blcli_connect


                  blcli_setjvmoption -Xmx2048m

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                    just saw this in the logs,


                    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


                    this is the current setting on the appserver



                    Ill try to increase the heapsize and see if that helps

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                      let me try this, thanks.

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                        Thanks Jim, that did it, no issues w export now. Thanks for the assist everyone.