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    BMIcall back and DHCP Scope option

    Steve Cupp

      In our BSA environment, we have recently added 4 Application server Hosts (Windows 2008R2) to our existing 2 Application server hosts. The 2 existing hosts have 3 Application servers running, 1 config & 2 job servers, the 4 new have 1 job server each. We intend on removing the 2 job servers from each of the existing hosts leaving them with only the 1 config server.

      Some questions we have are:

      -Our system packages use a BMI callback IP address that references the first of the our existing Application server hosts. Will removing the job servers from this host affect this BMI callback function?

      -Our DHCP scope options we have set on our build vlans also use the same IP address, will this functionality be affected by the job server removal?

      -Last, in general are there any other consideration we should take into account before we remove the job servers in our existing Application Server hosts?


      Thanks as always for your help.