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    Permission issue with hidden VGJ BLpackage

    Steffen Kreis



      as stated before we are developing VMWare Templated deployment based on VGP/VGJ's from BSA 8.6.1


      I noticed a weird behaviour today.


      When our RBAC role "Windows_Engineering" creates a VGJ and deploys that, the "BLAdmin" role has no write access to this VGJ , even while "BLAdmins" role has "VirtualGuestJob.*" on that VGJ.


      When i try to copy that VGJ as BLAdmin i get the following error:




      So i think this is the root-cause why BLAdmins has no rights on these VGJ's.


      It almost looks like as if the ACL Template is not been applied when the BLPackage gets created.


      Any idea what's going on here ?