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    How to provision RHEL 6.4 using skip linux?

    Monoj Padhy



      I am trying to do rhel 6.4 provisioning using skip linux option. From below discussion I am able to understand couple of things but unable to fix the issue.


      Tried booting from using both options gentoo and winpe but no luck. Attached error screenshot for both


      BSA version :8.5.01


      Skip Linux Pre-Install

      if you choose the 'skip linux pre-install' what should happen is this:

      • Target boots and boots into default boot image - either winpe or gentoo.
      • Target registers w/ appserver, shows up in the 'imported' area of the PM gui.
      • we run a provision job against that target, select the skip boot image
      • The appserver generates a kickstart file and puts it in the right location.  it also creates a file to tell the target to boot off the OS boot images and to use the kickstart file. now, the box boots off of the os boot image, and uses the kickstart file, os install starts.



      Attached screen shot of my configuration. Kindly help in understanding the issue here.





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