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    How can we change the role:user used to execute a scheduled job without recreating the schedule?

    Yanick Girouard

      We have close to 150 job schedules that were created by a user and/or role that we wish to delete, and need a way to change those schedules so the jobs they run execute with a different role:user instead, and all that without recreating the schedules.


      As far as I can tell from the console, and without using an execution override on the job itself (which resets every time a different role:user edits the job...), there is no way to do this.

      I originally thought that the role:user used to execute a scheduled job was the one used to create the schedule, so I tried changing the ID of the CREATED_BY_ROLE_ID and CREATED_BY_USER_ID fields for corresponding schedules using a direct db update, and although the Job Schedules View shows the modified role:user, the jobs still execute using the original role:user that originally created the schedule. This used to work in 8.3 (or so I thought), but this is in and it doesn't seem to work.

      Would anyone know how to achieve this?