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    TMART 4.2 webpageurl details

      HI, I am using WEBPAGEURLinside a script to monitor URL's. One situation that comes up occasionally is that a site will have a bad reference ( example: a js or javascript file ) and the host or site is no longer up.


      So WEBPAGEURL thoughtfully checks all of these links or references to items and finds that one is bad producing an error like this:


      So I have a customer that may not care so much about broken objects inside their page.


      And I was able to determine that NOT allowing 'Automatically load images' turns this off even though the reference was not to an image but to a Javascipt file ( .js). As below:

      Exclude images Profile Setting annotation.png

      My questions:


      Does anyone have an idea on how to Not allow the above setting in BDL code?

      Does anyone have ideas on how to load images and not other types of objects?


      Thanks in Advance,

      Todd Fendt