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    Can you change the repository location of a Windows patch catalog after it's been updated more than once and what is the impact?

    Yanick Girouard

      We need to align multiple Windows patch catalogs' repository paths to point to the same directory (to save disk usage), because they are now pointing to their own directory on the file server.


      I was wondering what was the impact of doing so and if there's a special procedure to follow?


      Will BSA update the depot object locations automatically or we will need to re-update the catalog to re-download everything? If so, I assume I can manually move the patch binaries to the new location so they don't re-download unnecessarily?


      Or, is there a way I can easily update the location reference of all objects directly in the DB to avoid having to do this?


      Before someone asks, no, we can't create a new catalog because we have too many patching jobs we'd need to recreate.