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    "SSO Error: Error reading server greeting." errors in NSH Script Jobs

    Yanick Girouard

      We have recently activated the NSH Proxy on all four application servers we have, and even though we have increased the MaxNshProxyContexts blasadmin setting from 50 to 100 and tried to limit concurrency in all scheduled jobs as much as possible, we're still seeing some errors in the logs during peek scheduled job times such as: SSO Error: Error reading server greeting. Before I changed the MaxNshProxyContexts setting, I also had errors about maximum connections reached, which I don't have anymore according to the BSA Log Tool. All I see now is the error mentioned above, and it's only showing in the NSH Script Job logs, not the app server logs. What I do see though in the logs that seem to correspond with those errors is this (BLSSOPROXY action): "copy data stop: Connection closed"


      I'm trying to figure out what the best settings for us would be for the following options: Recommendations for Application Servers of type NSH_Proxy - BMC Server Automation 8.5 - BMC Documentation based on the specs of our application servers:

      Type: VMware Virtual Servers

      OS: Windows 2008 R2

      Memory: 8G

      CPU: 2 vCPUs

      Max heap size: 6G

      Max Work Item Threads: 50

      Current setting for MaxNshProxyContexts: 100

      Other NSHProxy settings are set to their defaults.


      Each application server points to its own NSH Proxy Service (the ProxyServiceUrl points to a hostname that is pointing to the primary IP of the app server in the hosts file), so we have in essence, 4 NSHProxy Servers.


      What we are afraid of is to negatively affect the CPU of the application servers if we increase the values of the MaxNshProxyContexts and MaxNshProxyThreads too much, because the CPU is already topping 100% during that peek time (partly due to improperly coded jobs that I'm also reviewing). Whether the peek is due to a single job or the use of the NSH Proxy I can't tell however...


      This is for BSA