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    How to mass retire assets with an OS

    Richard Lester
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      Our company has finally replaced old left over XP computer and I need to find a way to do a mass retire on them.  I can do a mass retire in the asset window but I don't see a filter option for OS on that view and I don't see an option to do it from the software mod of Track-it.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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          Each View in Track-It! will have different options.  For an extreme example, if you were in Current View > All Printers, you wouldn't be able to activate an Operating System column.  So, you may have to play with your views a bit, but I'll use Current View > All Computers.





          In here, right click and select Customize, and turn on the OS Version column if it's not already active, then OK back to the grid.  I prefer to turn off the Type column while I'm doing this to get a "flat" grid.



          You should now see a column that shows the OS for your machines.  In my case, I have some XP, XP Pro, and XP Pro Media Center versions listed.



          If I only pick one of those, then I'll only see that one specific OS listed in the grid.  So instead, I'll put a "custom" filter on that column:




          Now, all I see in my grid are the various XP machines.  I can mass select, and retire all of them at once.


          When done, just click Abandon Changes to current view.