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    SRM Does Not Send Confirmation Email on Submit

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      A strange thing recently occurred that I am not able to figure out.


      According to my NTE:Notifier Log, the last email confirmation notification for submitted occurred on 5/5/2015.  My email personal shows the last time I received one was on 5/8/2015.  Prior to that SRM was generating conformation emails for Incident submissions notifying our users that their requests had been submitted.


      To clarify, the first email notifications that go out for the life of the request is not sending but the others after are.


      The odd thing about it is that it sends other notifications for the request out like:

      1.  Cancellation Notification.

      2.  Incident has been assigned to you.

      3.  Please take a moment to complete the survey.

      4.  Request has been completed.

      5.  Request has been updated.

      6.  Incident owned by your group has been resolved.

      7.  Request status has been upgraded to Pending.

      8.  Incident has been assigned to your group.


      I am using version 8.1.02 201408260235.

      Server Group on Windows 2008 R2.

      JRE:  1.8.0_45.


      The AREmail logs is blank and shows that AREmail has been successfully loaded.

      The ARSystem Email Error Logs form is empty.

      I do not see entries in the arerror log regarding email.

      I was hoping someone had some suggestions.