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    RHEL7 PXE provisioning

    Jim Campbell

      BSA version 8.6sp1


      I have set up RH6.5 PXE provisioning on this dev application server using the 'Skip linux pre-install' PXE image and specifying the path to the vmlinuz and initrd.img files derived from the media.  I performed the same process for RHEL7 and changed the boot device from eth0 to the parameterized MAC address but it is getting stuck at a 'dracut' screen with an error: "Warning: /dev/root does not exist". Is there anything else that needs to be done differently for RHEL7 other than changing the boot device in the system package?


      I can see from the webserver logs that the provisioned server is not even getting to the point of querying the provisioning web service to get the KS file.  I can install RHEL 6.5 on this server without issue.