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    BLCLI for patching using include list < createWindowsPatchingJobWithTargetGroup >

    Soundappan Shanmugam

      I want to test the patching job with include list, but I’m unable to see the include list in the in the PA job .


      Should I use only the unreleased provided in communities as provided in the link below




      im using the BLCLI provided in 8.5 document but dosent work as expected, kindly let me know whether I should go for the old method?








      CATALOG_NAME="/BMC_Test/BMC Test"


      JOB_KEY=`blcli PatchingJob createWindowsPatchingJobWithTargetGroup TESTPAJOB "$JOB_GROUP" "$TARGET_GROUP" "$CATALOG_NAME" "//XXX/tmp/include.lst" "//XXX/tmp/exclude.lst" false true false false`


      JOB_RUN_KEY=`blcli PatchingJob executeJobAndWait $JOB_KEY`

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