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    User Logged in count report

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      Hello guys...


      Hope you all doing good..


      Could i request you to provide your suggestion ?


      We need to send a report of the user logged in count for the all the  Remedy servers of a server group.


      there are 4 server in a server groups s1,s2,s3,s4 with a load balancer.


      In every 2 hours ,team need to get logged in into all the 4 server individually and check the 'Licence Review ' and prepare the report for user counts in servers individually.


      example i access s1 and find 40 users are logged in, S2 38 users logged in,s3 46 users logged in , s4 51 users logged in.


      this is bit time consuming,


      is there any way to automate this ,or is there any file from we can get the information on real time basis and we could convert that to a report automatically???



      AR System Current License  Usage  : is this form help to fulfill this ?



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