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    "Encryption configuration error" while executing a nshscript job

    Olivier Renault



      A nshscript job ran each day for years without any errors, but it does not execute correctly anymore for 3 days without any change.

      The log is full of the following errors:

      No authorization to access host

      Encryption configuration error


      The permissions are good, the acl are pushed.


      here is the result of a agentinfo:

        Agent Release    :

        Hostname         :  opcirws1

        Operating System :  Linux 2.6.18-371.4.1.el5

        User Permissions :  0/0 (root/root)

      "  Security         :  Protocol=5, Encryption=TLS1"

        Host ID          :  650A9A62

        # of Processors  :  2

        License Status   :  Licensed for NSH/CM



      The same user with same role can execute other nshscriptjobs on this server whitout any errors.


      The secure file is the same as on the app server


      What does cause this error?

      Thanks for your help !