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    Querying installed Windows Patch after hiding it

    Henry Saulog

      I did a partial deployment of a Windows patch and found that it created a performance issue with one of our major applications. I hide the patch and wrote a query to locate computers that may have the patch installed. This query returned zero computers, even though I showed it installed on my computer. I spoke to BMC tech support and they stated this is an expected result. Ok, not helpful if you want to claw back a partial deployment on a bad windows patch. I was planning to write a query, create a group and then an operational rule to uninstall the patch. I believe we should be able to hide a patch and still be able to search if the patch is installed on existing computers. Silly 


      BTW, the syntax I used to remove a Windows patch is

      wusa /uninstall /KB:XXXXXXX /quiet /warnrestart:300

      or you can create your own. c:\wusa /?