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    BSA 8.5 Infra Management - "Application Server Status from Launcher is unavailable"

    Yanick Girouard

      We have 4 application servers, and of all only one can be managed via the infra management panel. All others show only the basic info and the Refresh context-menu option, but at the bottom of the main info panel for each it gives this message:


      Application Server Status from Launcher is unavailable


      So far I've checked the following:


      1. BladeLogic Keystore is the same on all app servers and cert password as well

      2. All app server hostnames can be resolved from my workstation (where the Automation console is running from) using both their fqdn and the shortname as shown in the infra management

      3. I can telnet each port related to RMI and JMX. I'm actually on the same VLAN as the app servers, and there's no firewall.


      We will be upgrading all app servers this week to 8.5 SP1 Patch5, so if this is a known issue, let me know, otherwise, any clue as to what I could check?