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    PXE Provisioning Error with Bladelogic 8.6 SP1

    Robert Stinnett

      I wanted to post this out there so if anyone else runs into this they know immediately what it is, and how to go about resolving the issue.  We upgraded to Bladelogic 8.6 SP1 and immediately we began to have PXE provisioning errors.  There is an issue with provisioning jobs that make use of many local properties. We encountered this with Linux systems we were provisioning with the "Skip Linux pre-install" pre-boot option installed.


      When we'd PXE boot on our target system it was requesting a blank file from our TFTP server, and of course getting an error back.  A check into the pxelinux.cfg directory under X86/pxelinux of the TFTP server also showed that no boot helper files were being created.  Hence, why it was asking for a blank file since it didn't know what to ask for.


      Here's a screenshot of the error:




      BMC Support provided us with a modified bladelogic_provisioning.jar file which we deployed that corrects this bug.  They said it will be automatically included with SP2 and beyond.


      Just wanted to get this out there as it caused us a lot of headaches for about two days.  Hopefully it can help someone else avoid that same fate!


      Update with defect number:  The defect QM001879488 is linked to the issue. The defect will be fixed in 8.6.SP2.