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    AR Plugin issue

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      Hi All



      We have an issue where we get the AR plugin server error "ARERR [8760] Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server :"

      It is coming on only on a vendor form while searching record.


      How to check below[AR 7.6 /windows]:


      -AR Plugin server running or not? can see arplugin.exe in task manager does it show AR plugin is running??

      -Since error coming on a form it means all other Plugin are working, how to check whether the plugin linked with this particular form is running or not?

      -In ar.config ,can see the correct entry.



      Did somebody faced this issue and if yes what are the troubleshooting steps to follow?


      Walked through this but could not get much :


      Troubleshooting issues with plug-in servers - BMC Remedy Action Request System Remedy OnDemand 2014.01 - BMC Documentati…



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          Is this happening for Only One Vendor form or for all (if more than 1) vendor Form?


          I hope ARDBC Plugin Configuration is done already. (Ar System Admin Console--> Server--->ARDBC)


          Also try Narrowing the vendor form query and see what happens?


          Enable Plugin Log check what is coming there?




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            Hi Rahul


            This is happening with only 1 vendor form as checked for others ,we could query on other vendor forms.


            (Ar System Admin Console--> Server--->ARDBC) where these links are ??


            On the vendor form ,we cant do anything as gives the error above.

            "ARERR [8760] Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server :"



            So wanted to find out whether the particular Pulgin is running or not or looking for other troubleshooting steps..

            i can in the log that plugin is listed there but couldn't figure out  whether that has run property or got failed.






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              Mark Walters

              The 8760 error means that the server can't find the plugin that provides the data for that form.  It's an ARDBC plugin so the first thing to do is to find out which plugin should be being used.  You say that other vendor forms work which suggests that they use a different plugin.  Do you know which plugin it is?  Check the ar.cfg to verify it is being loaded if it's a C plugin, otherwise, if it's a Java plugin it will be in the pluginsvr_config.xml file.  Also, if it's Java based, there should be a Server-Plugin-Alias line to direct the server to the correct plugin server instance.



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                few KB on same piece ..may be you can take a look..






                As stated above look for entries in AR.Conf , Armonitor.Conf and Plugin_Server.XML file.


                What happens when you try the same vendor Form query in any Free Ldap Query Browser Tool?






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                  Thanks Mark...


                  in ar config i can see the entry


                  Server-Plugin-Alias: BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN remprod:9556


                  And in pluginsvr_config.xml can see the entry for this plugin.


                  we restarted the ar server to give a try but no success.


                  Yes what to check in Armonitor.Conf??


                  Thanks rahul... i will look into the reference given




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                    LJ LongWing


                    I'm not familiar with that plugin...but I see that it's NOT in the default plugin server located in the /pluginsvr folder...so, if you say it's in THAT pluginsvr_config.xml, you may want to replace 9556 with 9999, or some other value if you have changed it at some point for some reason.

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                      Jarl Groneng

                      The BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN is installed with the BMC Atrium CMDB, and its a part to the Atrium plugin server. Default port is 9556

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                        LJ LongWing

                        ah...that would certainly be why I'm not familiar with it....but my comment still stands...if it's in the 9556 plugin server, he needs to ensure that the plugin_config.xml that he is working with is not in the default pluginsvr folder, and to answer his other question, he would need to ensure that the plugin server that IS running that particular plugin, is in the armonitor.conf file properly.

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                          Hi SK,

                          I was  referring here below screen and configuration..


                          Do you see below entry in Conf file.

                          Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP Server Name:9999

                          In pluginsvr_config.xml file below entry should be there.



                                <pathelement type="location">E:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/ardbcldapplugin81_build001.jar</pathelement>





                          Also Can you paste the query you are using in Vendor form? Something of This kind. What plugin is showing there.





                          Hope this helps a bit.




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                            Hello  Rahul


                            No i don't see what you mentioned in ar.config file but that goes ok to me as on test system it is working.


                            Further investigation gives me below after comparing the ar.config files of the servers in Server groups:



                            5 AR servers

                            first 3 servers has only single entry of

                            Server-Plugin-Alias: BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN remprod:9556


                            pluginsvr_config.xml [port 9556]


                            But another 2 servers having multiple entries for this plugin like

                            Server-Plugin-Alias: BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN Remprod:9554

                            Server-Plugin-Alias: BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN Remprod:9556

                            Server-Plugin-Alias: BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN BMC.ARDBC.DEPRECATION.PLUGIN w306.remprod:9556


                            and when i see the corresponding pluginsvr_config.xml

                            port is 9554 not 9556[it should be 9556 correct ?]


                            I can,t modify the file because the other  plugins which is there in the

                            pluginsvr_config.xml having same multiple entries in ar.config with both 9554 and 9556 port numbers and i don't know whether other plugins working with these configuration or not.

                            Idealy there should be one entry in ar.config file for a plugin and with the same port what we have in pluginsvr_config.xml ??



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                              LJ LongWing


                              You should not have multiple entries for the same plugin alias in the ar.conf file, so the fact that you have 3 is likely the 'problem'.  The 'port' of the single entry that you leave is largely irrelevant, as long as it matches what's in the pluginsvr_config.xml file.  Ideally, if you are going to have 5 nodes in a server group, one would think that you want all 5 of them configured the same...so, personally, I would remove the 9554 row, and leave only 1 of the 9556 records.


                              Now, in regards to the last part server:port.  In server groups, this is typically the individual 'node' name, not the 'group' name...this is telling the Remedy server which plugin server, and on what port to connect on.  Again, the value is largely dependent on your environment, and if you have something like a hosts file that says 'remprod' is the same as localhost, then it can remain remprod....if not, I recommend that parameter be made the 'local' host name....typically matching the corresponding -x parameter in the armonitor.conf file for the line that's starting the plugin server.

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                                Thanks Lj,


                                i was almost thinking same but since it is a live system and changing any configuration can make the other plugins in trouble. so wanted to confirm for having only single entry in the ar.config file that should the plugin match with port num  in the plugin xml file and server reference should be same as in ar monitor.config file.


                                AsI have a problem with only one plugin as had mentioned so i would be a bad idea to put other plugins at risk.


                                I will have to seek for the longer down time to test it ,after taking the back up of the existing files.


                                Once i do it ,will post the result out here whether its a sucess or failure.



                                Thanks again,


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                                  Hi SK,


                                  just saw the post- Already replied by Guru LJ...