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    Configure Domain Authentication for AppServer



      our BladeLogic Users uses a Domain Authentification profile (AppServer1) to connect to our BladeLogic Environment.

      Now I'm trying to do the same for a second Appserver (AppServer2).

      I configured the AppServer2 to use Domain Authentification but the connection (for Exemple with User: MyUser@MyDomain.com) doesn't work with this error:

      "A network error has occured. The authentification service may have closed the connection due to a long period of inactivity"

      I copied the blauthsvc.keytab from AppServer1 to AppServer2/<Install-Dir>../br

      and replaced the string AppServer1 with AppServer2.

      The SRP Connection on both AppServer works fine, but the Domain Authentification doesn't work on the second AppServer2


      Need I a second blauthsvc.keytab file from our Domain Controller Admins for the second AppServer2?

      Thank you.


      PS: BL Version