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    compliance rule issue

    Luciano Spagnuolo


      Hello Everyone,


      I am having an issue with a compliance rule and I'm hoping someone can help.  Here is what I am trying to do

      manage the exports file single line contains all that I need compliance rule needs to look at value4 & value5, determine is it matches or not on these two values execute or not execute the remediation package


      So my compliance template has the exports file as a part.  checking for either Value4 or Value 5 individually works as expected.  Checking for both seems to always fail on the 2nd "Value5" check.  I've done it several different ways and have the same results.



      my exports file contains the following

      test exports file


      ro #prod AppServer REV=10 Manage=No

      ro #prod AppServer


      I'm checking for REV=11 for Value4 & Manage=No for Value5 both checks are done as "String (All OS)"

      What I need is that if Value5 is Manage=No no matter what the Value4 REV=?? the rule shows to be compliant or ignored (meaning no remediation take place)


      see attached for actual rule.


      See the attached capture-failure.jpg it shows that the rule seems valid Manage-No != Manage=No






      Lou Spagnuolo