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    Preparation to load the data into CMDB

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      what would be point of consideration and detailed plan while preparing to load the server/application/DB data into CMDB?



      ex: 2 midtier servers

            2 AR servers

      1 DB servers.



      Now where we could load the data ,which classes like server information can be loaded to Computer system classes, DB data could be loaded to Database class and AR application loaded to Application classes.


      but how to plan for it ,how to see for their relationships in CMDB. and how to link them with ITSM so incase any server /application get down then Ticket should be created.




      Please provide your inputs.



      Thanks In advance

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          Carey Walker



          To model how the various components should look, you have two options basically. One is to use an auto-discovery solution like ADDM which will automatically discover and populate the CMDB with its view of the world.

          The other is to manually create the CIs and relationships based on data you have about your environment. The former takes a fair bit of setting up but then makes it fairly easy to keep things up to date in the CMDB. The latter is just alot of data collection and loading along with your own modelling decisions (i.e. ADDM has its own method of mapping the data it collects for you into he CMDB data model. If you do it yourself, you will need to decide some of those things for yourself. i.e. what are the best classes to represent the various components in my environment and what relationships do I need to define to show how they work together.)


          For the choice of CMDB classes, there will be Computer System CIs to run the mid-tier, the AR Servers and the databases. The mid tier and AR server software components are typically modelled as Software Servers, databases can be simply model as you would get as Database class CIs and the Application CIs would be things like the ITSM modules - Incident Management, Change Management, Asset Management etc. If that's too detailed you could get away with just one Application CI for all of ITSM.


          One example could be


          ComputerSystem -> Software Server -> Application  (classes)




          Myserver101 -> AR Server ->BMC Remedy ITSM (CIs, with the arrows representing Dependency relationships perhaps)


          If you then want to have a ticket created automatically, you will need some form of monitoring solution to detect when a server or database or application is in trouble, and then create a Remedy Incident. BMC's BPPM/Truesight is one option that can detect these issues and create a ticket for you in Remedy automatically. If you use another monitoring solution, there are published interfaces for Remedy ticket creation you can study and build that integration for yourself.

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            Thank you so much  Carey for your inputs it looks great


            I am planning as per the detailed information given by you and once i complete my testing ,will come up with the outcomes and will share the same.



            Thanks again..


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              SK ,


              Just to update you can also refer BMC XLS for Classes and Dependency info. Attached is the XLS sheet.

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                Carey Walker

                Great. Remember to mark any if these answers as helpful or correct if you think they have been useful.

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                  Thanks Carey and Rahul...


                  I am marking the discussion as answered however the panning is in progress and i will share the prepared plan for other's reference asap