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    BMM (BMC Middleware Management) - System Requirements

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      Hi All,


      Had anyone taken  the hardware(servers with oS mentioned in Docs ) on Hypervisor for installing the BMM and its components  


      Is it supported by BMC as everywhere in documentation  word Vmware is written but not Hypervisor specifically .

      If you have any link to document where something related to Hypervisor please share the link of the same


      Waiting for your comments,




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          BMM operates successfully in many customers in a variety of virtual environments.  BMC does not officially certify any VM hypervisor, but supports BMM at the OS level.  Thus, you can feel comfortable installing it on any virtual system that supports one or more of the supported OS platforms.  As always when working virtually, there are a couple of things to think about.  BMM really does need the resources that it says it needs.  Thus, the processors and memory allocated to the VM that supports BMM should be dedicated physical resources.  Don't expect BMM to perform well if you have 8 GB of physical memory on your VM Host and then run 3 different VM Guests all of which think that they have 8 GB of memory.  The same idea applies to processors.  The biggest concern to BMM is the performance of the database.  Again, the database can be on a virtual system, but it does a lot of I/O so make sure that the disk underlying the database VM performs well.


          Finally, avoid VMotion.  We have seen unexpected issues crop up when VMotion locks OS instances during moves.  Most of the time, it works fine, but when you have a problem, it is hard to diagnose and the official BMC statement is that VMotion is neither recommended nor officially supported.  I hope that helps.