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    Issue with BLPackage Deploy Job using custom properties - BSA8.6.01

    Ali SIMON



      I have an issue with Deploy Job.

      The error which come during the stage phase is the following :

      Info 04/22/2015 19:07:41 Started running the deploy step job 'ZADIGTGE-GDI_Entrante-Interfaces_PROD->ZADIGTGE-GDI_Entrante-Interfaces_PROD' on application server 'bl_jobsrv1-dc1'(2,009,823) against target server 'lx1713.fr.ehc.adp.com'
      Error 04/22/2015 19:07:41 Failed to create file //lx1713.fr.ehc.adp.com/var/tmp/stage/44550c642bb030d080b326637bbfa910/params.txt. Due to: property class-GXPLINK-Interfaces not in class Server

      class-GXPLINK-Interfaces is the name of a 'Custom Property Class' object in the BLPackage.


      I really don't have a clue where to start looking at in regards to the message. What does a Custom Property class has to do with the Built-in Property 'Server'


      This error starts to happen right after the agent was upgraded from 8.2 to 8.6


      The same Custom Property Class (but a different instance) is used correctly with another Job running on another server


      Thanks for your help