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    Track-IT Sending Emails to Technicians Issue

    Richard Lester
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      I ran into a odd issue and wanted to if anyone else has seen this.  I am on 11.4FX I have a event that the requestor gets new work orders request and my Tech gets new work order and modified by someone other than the assigned tech.  My tech created the work order assigned to him self saved it the Requestor got there email.  The Tech then 6 min later re-assigns to another Tech and saves.  The new tech did not get an email.  When the tech updated it did change form my 3- Medium Request- Network to my 3- Medium Request- Business Application policy.  I have check both have Assigned and modified checked.  The only difference is that the Tech that it is assigned to is a place holder for a group  that is not set with a license type but has a valid email address.